Market potential

Delivering Bioactivity to a 50 Billion Dollar Market

As the market leader of nano thin surface treatments for improved osseointegration, Promimic is scaling up for growth. The clinical use of the HAnano Surface is growing fast and the market trends are aligned with the Promimic technologies.

Making Implants Integrate. With More Bone, Faster.

The HAnano Surface combines several properties that improve osseointegration into one unique implant surface treatment. Its combination of high wettability, optimal surface chemistry and optimized nano-roughness mediates bioactivity and improved specific protein adsorption to the implant. These properties regulate cell behavior and influence tissue regeneration by increasing osteoblast functions. The result? More bone. At a considerably faster pace than other surfaces. That is great news, for patients, society and implant developers.

The market

A New Industry Standard of Osseointegration for 2022 and Beyond

Orthopedic Implants

During the last two years, implants with HAnano Surface have gained regulatory approval throughout the orthopedic field. From Spine to Total Knee Replacement. And the demand for solutions to improve osseointegration is growing, rapidly. Two specific drivers are demographic changes and welfare diseases. Both lead to more and more implants being placed in bone of lower quality. For Promimic, being the market leader for nano-sized surface treatment for improved osseointegration, this implies considerable market opportunities ahead.

Dental Implants

From Gothenburg, Sweden – the birth city of osseointegration of dental implants – Promimic delivers nano technologies to enable faster integration between the dental implant and tissue. For patients, speeding up the process with HAnano means they can regain normal function twice as fast compared to implants with conventional surfaces. This has been proven in over 500,000 clinical applications and with more than 30 published clinical and pre-clinical studies. Needless to say, this has many benefits for both patients and society.

Market drivers

Innovation is key

Focus on More Efficient Implant Treatment for Faster Patient Recovery

For implant developers innovation is key to profitable growth and increased market share. Making implants more efficient and speeding up patient recovery are central parts of the innovation process. HAnano is a great fit in this. In combination with the latest development of implant materials and geometries it has the possibility to deliver truly remarkable osseointegration performance.

3D-Printing and New Implant Materials

The implant industry is rapidly adopting the latest technology trends to improve implant treatment for the patients. Promimic is uniquely positioned on the market to drive these trends – in combination with other cutting-edge technologies.

An Aging Population Drives Demand

According to United Nations, the global population aged 60 years or older was 962 million in 2017, more than twice as large as in 1980. That number is expected to double again by 2050, when it is projected to reach nearly 2.1 billion. This new demographic structure will put increasing demands on the orthopedic and dental implant industry to deliver efficient implant treatments to more patients than ever.

Our aim is to establish HAnano Surface as the industry standard for bone integrated implants. We see great potential in achieving that, especially given HA nano’s strategic fit in the factors driving the current and future global market growth of bone anchored implants.

Place in the market

Clinically Proven for New Innovative Implant Treatments

Enhancing and Accelerating Bone Growth

HAnano is 1000 times thinner than other HA surfaces. This unique feature enables accelerated bone growth and reduces the risk of cracking implants.

Nano Technology with Proven Regulatory Pathway

HAnano Surface can easily be integrated into existing production lines. It could, therefore, be implemented in our client’s production facilities around the world. Promimic currently has license agreements with ten clients, of which eight sell commercial products.

Suitable for Both Conventional and 3D Printed Implants

The market for 3D-printed implants is expected to grow at 10% annually until 2030. While current HA-coatings cannot be used on 3D-printed material, HA nano can be applied on any surface.