June 2024

Master’s Thesis – Antibiotic adsorption to ultrathin ceramic surfaces and its antibacterial effect

Bacteria living on surfaces are called biofilms, and they cause up to 80% of all infections. Biofilms are difficult to eradicate using systemic antibiotic treatments and can necessitate implant removal. By dipping implants in antibiotic solutions before implantation, a higher local antibiotic concentration can be achieved, which may be more effective in preventing biofilm formation. Currently, surgeons can drizzle antibiotics into the implantation wound, but the concentrations are unknown and difficult to replicate exactly. We aim to recommend a standardized antibiotic dipping procedure to surgeons.


The aim of this master’s thesis is to investigate adsorption of antibiotics to ultrathin hydroxyapatite or zirconium phosphate surfaces and study the effects on bacterial biofilm growth.

In this project, ultrathin Hydroxyapatite or Zirconium phosphate treated Titanium will be dipped in antibiotics, washed and investigated for antibiotic content using an UV/Vis spectrophotometer. Then different amounts of bacteria will be allowed to form 24 h biofilms. The biofilms will be removed from the surfaces and cultured on agar plates to determine the antimicrobial effect. Potentially bacterial growth may also be studied using scanning electron microscopy.

We are looking for a candidate…

  • with a background in Biotechnology and/or Microbiology
  • who learns fast, can work independently, is motivated and a team-player
  • with fluency in English
  • who is proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel
  • with previous lab work experience (including experience from University)

Who are we?

Promimic’s nanotechnology, HAnano Surface, creates a unique bioactive surface on any implant. The HAnano Surface has demonstrated faster and stronger osseointegration in over 30 clinical studies, with over 1.7 million clinical applications to date.

The HAnano Surface is a 20-nanometer thin implant surface treatment composed of crystalline hydroxyapatite (HA) particles, which have the same shape, composition, and structure as HA found in human bone.

We are located in GoCo Health Innovation City in Mölndal, easily accessible by car, bike or bus from Gothenburg.

What can we offer?

Promimic offers a hands-on research opportunity in the field of nano-surface technologies and material surfaces. As part of our team, students can contribute to cutting-edge projects that focus on enhancing the performance of medical implants. This involves applying theoretical knowledge to develop innovative solutions, with access to specialized labs, equipment, and resources not typically found in academic settings. It’s a chance to contribute meaningfully to healthcare advancements while gaining practical experience in a real-world application. Compensation is included.

Apply by sending your cv and cover letter to maria.holmstrom@promimic.com.