nano hydroxyapatite in dentistry
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More Bone. Faster.

HAnano Surface® combines several properties that are known to improve osseointegration into one unique surface modification. The combination of high wettability and optimal surface chemistry, with optimized nano-roughness, mediates bioactivity and specific protein adsorption to the implant. These properties regulate cell behavior and influence tissue regeneration by increasing the osteoblast functions, thus building more bone faster.

Adding a New Dimension to Osseointegration

Compared to traditional coatings, where bone anchors to the coating, HAnano Surface does not act as an interface separating bone from the implant. The nano-thin surface enables newly formed bone to grow directly into the micrometer topography, or roughness, of the implant surface, thus providing mechanical stability. With the particle-based HAnano Surface, there is no risk of cracking or delamination of the implant. Modification of an implant with HAnano Surface does not change the dimensions of the implant so there is no need to alter instruments or techniques.

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