October 2016

Promimic and Danco successfully complete production line for HAnano Surface coating for medical implants

WARSAW, IN, USA AND GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN– OCTOBER, 19th, 2016. Promimic AB (publ), an innovative biomaterials company, and Danco Anodizing today announced the successful completion of the production line for Promimic’s HAnano Surface coating for orthopedic and dental implants. The two companies entered a strategic partnership in March 2016 under which Danco became the preferred process partner for Promimic for the USA and China medical implant markets. Danco has also invested in the production line for HAnano Surface at its manufacturing facility in Warsaw, IN, USA.

Promimic’s HAnano Surface represents a new era of implant surfaces, based on bio-mimickingsynthetic bone minerals. The unique and proprietary HAnano Surface is only 20 nanometers thin and can be applied to almost any implant material. It has been shown to increase the anchoring strength and integration of medical implants with surrounding bone tissue in over 20 pre-clinical studies. The HAnano Surface is already in clinical use on dental implants in Brazil.

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