White Papers

HAnano Surface is well-documented with numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals as well as internal test protocols. The key results have been summarized in the following White Papers.

Research Monograph – July 2023

The July Edition of our HAnano Surface Research Monograph features studies demonstrating the biomimicking, hydrophilic, bioactive and osteoconductive properties of the nano-sized hydroxyapatite crystal layer. The studies show a faster and improved osseointegration, as well as improved performance in compromised bone.

Within our research monograph series, we publish selected summaries of the latest scientific results.

implant surface modification


Promimic is specialized in nanotechnology and production of hydroxyapatite.

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dental implant surface enhancement and osseointegration

Products and Technology

The wet chemical technology behind HAnano Surface can be used on all types of implants in the orthopedic, spinal and dental fields.

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