”Our number one focus is to establish Promimic as a global leader in our field.”

Magnus Larsson, CEO

Business Idea

Cutting edge technologies to improve implants

License cutting edge surface technologies that for improved osseointegration to the leading manufacturers of dental and orthopedic implants and, thereby facilitating faster and improved healing process for patients.


Faster path to patient recovery

Establish Promimic as a global market leader in the field of new surface technologies for improved osseointegration with the focus of creating faster patient recovery.

Company Goals

Scaling up for growth

Promimic has defined several financial and operational goals with the focus of scaling up and adding growth both short and long term. The overarching company goal, which is integrated in every aspect of company operations, is to enable more patients to regain their lost bodily function faster. Regardless if that is a single dental implant or saving the leg of a cancer patient to avoid amputation.

Business Model

Revenue generation through long term partnerships

Promimic uses a license based business model built on long term customer relationships with leading implant manufacturers. Revenues are generated through license agreements with milestone payments during the development phase, via sale of coating liquid and royalties during the commercial phase. All license agreements are long term and could either be based on a product’s life cycle or on a customer’s entire product range through licensing of the platform technology.